Lifes Abundance Dog And Cat Food

Packaging Update
All of our dry dog and cat food packaging has a beautiful new look, distinguishable by its attractive matte finish. And, customers will be delighted with the addition of a patented hook and loop closure that opens easily and seals tightly.

Formula Update
In addition, we’ve made small formula changes that have big benefits to digestive health. For all dry dog and cat food formulas, we’ve selected a combination of prebiotic fiber sources that are even better at helping our probiotics thrive. This means a boost to digestive health support for pets. There were no main ingredient changes to any formula and it is highly unlikely your customers will notice any difference.

As before with all our dry foods, you can proudly tout a digestive health system that includes:

  • Guaranteed probiotics since the beginning.
  • Probiotic strains specific to dogs and cats, rather than cows like typical varieties.
  • A digestive health system including prebiotic fiber that helps probiotics thrive.

Select varieties and sizes of the new bags and updated formulas are shipping now, with a full transition expected early next year.